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Available Services

Wellness Care

Whether you have an active concern, or just want regular evaluations, we believe in a model of routine prevention and wellness maintenance for peace of mind.

Kitten and Puppy

Getting proper care from an early age can improve the happiness and longevity of your pet.  Starting with physical exams and vaccinations, we can create a relationship and a plan for the success of your pet.

End of life

We provide compassionate 

in-home euthanasia services in a loving and supportive environment

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Chronic Condition Management

If your pet has a chronic disease or pain condition, such as arthritis or diabetes, we can support you through the often difficult job of administering care and medication, and regular testing.


Dr. Challen has extensive certifications in behavioral training and can provide a detailed written evaluation as well as a program for you and your pet to follow.

Diet and Nutrition

Taking into consideration your pet's breed, age, activity level, size, and any specific medical conditions, Dr. Challen can work with you to provide prescription or non-prescription diets to help your pet thrive.

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