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My name is Dr. Betsy Challen

I became a veterinarian due to my love of animals, and wanting to make a difference.  After attending Johns Hopkins undergraduate school and Virginia Tech Veterinary School, I worked for several years at clinics and hospitals in New York city.

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About Me.

When I moved to Santa Barbara, I took time off from veterinary medicine while raising my family, and yet my passion for animals never waned.  I continued with ongoing education, conferences, volunteer work, and additional certifications.

For 6 years I was an active member of the Santa Barbara Zoo Board, serving on the Animal Welfare committee, where I was fortunate enough to study animals that I would never see in a clinical environment.

Hitting the books

For 3 years I pursued and received 12 certifications in feline and canine Animal Behavior.  While taking classes and gaining knowledge, I realized that I was not just a student, but also I was helping answer questions for many of my classmates, as most people involved in behavioral work are not veterinarians.  It became clear to me that by having both the medical and the behavioral training, I would be able to provide a robust and well-rounded service to my clients and make a true impact in the happiness of pets and owners.

Sometimes animals have undesirable behavior - but there are lots of options.

I decided that I wanted to create a business model which put the clients and patients first. My mission was to spend adequate time with each patient and client, in a comfortable setting, while making sure they felt that their needs were being taken care during the appointment, and provide post-appointment support for continued questions and care.  I felt that an at-home practice was the best model for this.

Best Friends
Which one isn't a stuffed animal?

My practice would focus on a few things, but do them well:  wellness and preventative care (routine check-ups, non-emergency medicine, diagnostics), behavioral assessments, chronic condition management, end-of-life services, as well as others.

In addition, if an animal did need more advanced care at another facility, I could help my clients facilitate this often complex and emotional process, helping them understand choices and interpret medical information.

I started Pawsitive Animal Care with these goals, and with the unique model of services I provide, I hope to make "seeing the vet" a more positive experience for both pet and pet owner!

Pawsitive Animal Care

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